My new website

Im announcing my new web can now have your model done in no time.Just upload your reference and I'll model it right away.But please take note that this website is still in developing progress(beta). For the time being I provide simple texture just 3d white model as mentioned by the title.Please visit the page here 3d white model . Thank you

trail test

3d glasses test

I havent use any 3d glasses yet to see the result..but i think its pretty much there..

the rise and fall 3

video just a bit of experiment.

one perfect sunday

---------- ---pflow with game engine

Car Park 2

--------------------------this is a test animation for car...its a work in progress.i know theres alot of things that are messed up or incomplete,. i just need alil bit time to fine tune..

Fire effect alpha channel

--------------------------------------- 3d simulation fire effect.above using vray renderer.below(animated) using default renderer